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1 - 3 songs     

4+ songs        

Vinyl master version

DDP image

Stem mastering          

40 EUR per song (~$50)

35 EUR per song (~$42)

 10 EUR ($12) surcharge to the above

 20 EUR ($24) surcharge to the above

Please get in touch for a bespoke quote for your project.

First-time customers        

free preview


“Our experience with Lukas at Snap Mastering has been such a joy. Not only is he a very talented and skilled mastering engineer but also kind and encouraging towards us and everything we’ve submitted for mastering. Everything he sends back has been top notch. His masters are exactly what we looking for in an engineer. Consistent, quick and one level better than our own masters. Can’t ask for more!”

The Glitch Mob

10+ years of experience in mastering & mixing music for digital, CD, & vinyl by Lukas Turza.

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